Vision is more than 20/20




The 20/20 myth



We often receive the impression that if we are told by our eye care professional that we have 20/20 sight that our vision is fine.


If we have 20/20 sight (with or without glasses), vision could still be creating a roadblock to achieving our potential. 20/20 sight is important; however, all 20/20 tells you is that you can see a certain sized print at a certain distance at that point in time.



Some things that 20/20 does not tell you:


that the text is continuously clear


that you can keep the text clear for an extended period of time


that you can transfer the clarity of the text effortlessly from a near working distance to a distant working distance (e.g. copying notes   from the board)


whether your eyes can follow the text/line smoothly and effortlessly


whether your brain can interpret the information coming in through your visual system accurately and efficiently (visual perceptual difficulties can be present in an individual with 20/20 sight)


how efficient your binocular coordination skills are


how well you can perform in sports




An individual can have 20/20 sight and still:



    have a visual information processing difficulty



    have a learning difficulty where inefficient visual skills may be creating a roadblock in an individual's ability to learn



    have poor eye-hand coordination



    have reduced sports performance



    see words moving on the page when reading



    experience diplopia (i.e. see two of something when you know there only should be one)



    have troubles with learning to read



    have troubles with attention (ADD/ADHD)




You use your eyes every waking hour of every day. We know how important your eyesight is. Try living for even one hour of your workday with your eyes closed and see how important your eyes are to doing the tasks you enjoy. At Eye Gallery, our team of optometrists are here to help you protect and maintain your healthy vision. Our opticians are here to help you receive the best lens technology which will help you maintain comfortable sight.




Important Visual Skills



Most people don't realize that you need over 17 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports, and in active life. Seeing ("20/20") is just one of those visual skills.


Eye Movement Control


Simultaneous Focus at Far


Sustaining Focus at Far


Simultaneous Focus at Near


Sustaining Focus at Near


Simultaneous Alignment at Far


Sustaining Alignment at Far


Simultaneous Alignment at Near


Sustaining Alignment at Near


Central Vision (Visual Acuity) -- this is the 20/20 measurement


Peripheral Vision


Depth Awareness


Color Perception


Gross Visual-Motor


Fine Visual-Motor


Visual Perception


Visual Integration



Basic eye exams rarely cover most of these skills. Some basic eye exams (depending on the practitioner and their visual development focus) will screen for a few of these skills.



Does everyone require testing in all these areas at each routine basic eye evaluation? No. In fact, for the majority of the public, all this testing is overkill. The current visual evaluation provided by optometrists who are members of the Alberta Optometric Association is very acceptable and appropriate.



However for the individuals who are not performing up to their potential in school (learning difficulty, on an IPP program, have received labels {ADD, dyslexic, auditory learner, visual perceptual delays to name a few}) or not performing up to their potential in sports, additional testing should be provided or a referral should be given to a practitioner or office that does provide these services. This extended testing is not covered through Alberta Health Care and there would be an additional fee.



Dr. Neufeld used to provide these additional evaluations at his Eye Gallery office; however, due to the increased need and demand for these evaluations and for the management or treatment options, he opened Calgary Vision Therapy, a separate office that is dedicated to these issues. Routine eye exams are not provided at Calgary Vision Therapy, nor are glasses or contact lenses sold at Calgary Vision Therapy. Those services (routine eye exams, eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses) are provided at Eye Gallery. At Calgary Vision Therapy, Dr. Neufeld and his vision therapists provide the evaluations required to determine whether your visual system is creating roadblocks in your ability to achieve your potential (e.g. learn). Should certain visual inefficiencies be found, then a course of action through vision therapy may be recommended.



If your child's school / psychologist / tutor recommended that you get your eyes checked especially if your child is struggling in school, then you will want to contact Calgary Vision Therapy and refer yourself. Visit calgaryvt.com for more information.



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